Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Doodle Madness!

Mulligan and Sophie - two of our doodle mixes were having a blast together today at Leona Canyon in Oakland. I was able to get a minute of it on video - check their agility! Sophie goes up, Mulligan ducks under, and this went on the whole hike! Amber and Drake tried to get in on it too, but the doodle dogs were just too fast!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

When the weather gets hot, the dogs get thirsty....

Well this spring sure took a turn for the worst! Or best, depending on how you look at it :) Rather, Summer's here, finally! Jeff and Elana have been wearing shorts, lathering up on sunscreen, wearing hats to shield our faces and carrying plenty of water to quench our thirst. But what do we do to ensure that our four-legged friends are also protected from the heat, when the sun bears down on us all day?

Elana with Zoe, Oskar, Monkee, Sandy & Kenai

Well, Sandy wears the saddle bags, and since she's a Labrador, good for working and eager to please, she's happy to bear the weight to make sure that all her dog friends are healthy. We take a lot of breaks in the shade and dish out the hydration, where all the guys get a good dose of digging and chasing after butterflies while everyone drinks their fill.

Sandy, after a good swim at Lake Anza
Or, we hike to someplace with lots of fresh water, like our favorite swimming hole up at Lake Anza, in Tilden. Here, the big swimmers can launch themselves into the cool water, swim after balls and bask in the tree shade.

Monkee and Sam rolling around in the shade

Every chance they get, Monkee and Sam tear around in the dry duff from the Redwoods or Oak trees up near Redwood Bowl in the East Bay hills.
Kitsu and the pack at Pt.Isabel

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday hikes with Action Dog!

Sandy and Bella, digging for critters!  

     Here are some shots from our hikes on Friday - we went up to the Grass Valley trail heads in Anthony Chabot park with the first group, and to Pt Isabel later in the day. It was cool and moist from the rains, but that doesn't deter us from having a ball!

The dogs were digging fools, on the critter hunt on the trails, and the new additions to the pack Angus and Bella got along great with the Action veterans!

At Pt. Isabel, new kids on the block Cooper and Duke ran and ran, and Cooper and Kenai seemed to know that they were painted by the same artist :)
Jillian and Brannagh
Mulligan, Brannagh, Sam and Maddy
Go Cooper!!

Kenai, with Cooper, Monkee and Duke
Drake, Remy and Poa

Kenai, Bugsy, Cooper & Duke re-hydrating after a good romp

Bella, Angus in his "stop, drop n' chill" mode

Digging for critters!

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the pack at Pt. Isabel

Yesterday we went to Point Isabel dog park in the morning, where we met up with a lot of great dogs!

Taking a dip at Pt. Isabel

© Action Dog! East Bay Dog Walking ~ Oakland, Berkeley & Alameda