Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fig the mini Schnauzer

Say hello to Fig! He's a 1 year old mini Schnauzer pup. He's super sweet and totally rad on the trail. He's got excellent manners and great recall, and he knows all the tricks already! What a smarty-pup!

His mama treats him like a star, and he's very mellow and well-adjusted. This was his first day with the pack, and he did great! At first, we practiced some basic leash manners, so he got used to me. He was patient waiting his turn to run with the other dogs, but we worked on some recall and basic commands while he earned his freedom. Then, he dragged his leash behind him, and we worked on recall some more, then he showed me how good he could be, and he ran and ran and ran!

Here are some shots of him chasing Maddy and Creme around the big open clearing along the Wildcat Stream trail in Tilden park.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Action Dog! Cheesy Holiday Card

Happy Holidays From the Action Dog! Crew 

Kitsu, Kenai, Jeff, Elana, Drake, Sandy, Action man and Zoe in front ;)
© Action Dog! East Bay Dog Walking ~ Oakland, Berkeley & Alameda

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello and happy Wednesday! I made a slideshow of some recent photos. We have some new additions to the Action Dog hiking pack - Rico, Abby and Rocky. They're all friends already and so they are getting along great with each other and showing the other dogs what fun it is to be small :)


Abby is a Japanese Chin dog, she's a rare breed in this area, and we are having a fun time with her! She's got a super sweet personality and loves playing with Asti, the little cavapoo. She's cousins with Rico, a rescued chihuahua mix, who is a little timid and shy at first but he is awesome off-leash and has great recall. And, their other related pup, Rocky - a spunky and snifferific Jack russell terrier.

Also mixed in to this recent bunch of photos, our dedicated and trusty trail pals: Kenai the Aussie, Dakota the running mutt, Amber the sweet rottie mix, Nina the hound dog, Zulu the super soft and happy shorty mutt, and Cosmo the ever-reliable Min-Pin.

Enjoy the latest photo updates from the Oakland and Berkeley hills! We have been enjoying the chill weather here in the East Bay - but we're definitely ready to take on the muddy hikes once the rain starts coming again....

Ciao for now!
Elana of Action Dog! East Bay Dog Walking Hiking

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lab Tails: Limber Tail Syndrome

Even on a fun-filled weekend, tough dogs and tough people get bumps and bruises! It looks like our pal Sandy has either a sprained tail, or what is commonly called "Limber Tail Syndrome"... After a really fun and long hard two play sessions with her uncle Jeff (Drake's foster-dad) yesterday while the Action Dog humans went motorbiking (and got our fair share of bumps and bruises), today she is having a really hard time settling into a comfortable position. We pulled a little splinter out of her tail but it's still really bothering her, it's sensitive to the touch and she barely got any sleep last night. Poor girl!

Doing some web searching, I found a few articles referencing similar symptoms to those our yellow lab is certainly experiencing, here at the Lab Tails Blog the situation seems like it's the same...

Also I found an article here that talks about a lot of cold-water swimming which can bring it on from over exertion, which is probably a lot of what she got yesterday! Swimming at Pt Isabel and the Albany Bulb beach on a frosty winter morning with a lot of other dogs might just have done the trick. Hopefully she'll bounce back to life soon.... So heartbreaking to see her droopy sad Labrador face not its smiling self! A little love and rest ought to do the trick, otherwise it's off to the vet for us....

© Action Dog! East Bay Dog Walking ~ Oakland, Berkeley & Alameda

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beagles saved from a caged life experience freedom for the first time!

A Beagle rescue group gives these little guys a shot at freedom and adoption after living their whole lives at a laboratory in a cage. Now we get to see these lucky dogs take their first steps outside their cage in the grass.
It's always great to see good humans giving dogs the chance they deserve at a happy life! Hopefully these pups will get to really see what it's like to be a dog, and run off-leash in the hills with their pals on awesome adventures.

Remember to always use products that are not tested on animals!

Watch A Bunch Of Dogs Experience Sunlight And Grass For The First Time

Action Dog! East Bay Dog Walking ~ Oakland, Berkeley & Alameda