Sunday, April 17, 2011

Levon kicks it with Action Dog! for the weekend ;)

Levon is one of our regular clients for boarding - he lives in San Francisco with his folks, but they love to have Action Dog! take over when they go out of town, apparently he sleeps for the next two days straight after an adventure with us :) We are always happy to dog sit him, his non-stop puppy energy brings a different kind of excitement to our home! And he's a cuddler too.

Today we went on a hike with the dogs to Sibley Volcanic Regional Park in Berkeley, I could tell that Levon had a great time! The banana slugs were out in full force, crossing the trails and narrowly avoiding being smushed by scampering dog feet!

Drake came with us, but he had to stay on leash since his foot is still in his bandage. I did let him off for a little while, and he exploded with full force up and down hills, Levon close on his heels.

There were a lot of other people there, weekend warriors and avid hikers alike, all enjoying the high rising fog and the beautiful weather that we've had in the East Bay lately!

Levon's a 2 year old black lab border collie mix, here he relaxes with Drake on the pew in our backyard after his trailblazing walk with Action Dog!

Sandy had a fantastic time too, and since she's a lighter shade of happy yellow, I'm able to see if she's got ticks jumping off of her. Then, I know that the other dogs probably have some stowaways also. Last time Levon hung out with us, he went home with some special visitors, and unfortunately his mom had to deal with them for her first time! I highly recommended to her to find the Tick Key for easy tick removal and use something like Frontline Plus for his monthly preventative. You never want little buggers to put a damper on a fun adventure :)

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