Sunday, May 15, 2011


This is Roca! He's a super sweet young boy dog - a German Shorthair Pointer mix. I think he is a gem! He is a rescued shelter pup, and two people had adopted him previously, before finding a loving home. Maybe they didn't realize they were adopting a 9 month old puppy, who would need some reigning in and training? His mama now is going to be so happy with him, she knows he'll be a wonderful dog. 

Action Dog! spent a few days working with him, we taught him a new hand signal for "sit," which he performs beautifully. We taught him "down," which takes some practice, but he caught on really well! We went on multiple adventure walks, and he does really well off-leash, responds to a high whistle and a clap, our Action Dog! m.o. The big challenge so far is the "come" command when it's time to go outside, or go back home. He just doesn't want playtime to end! So we're working with a long 15' lead in different areas and taking baby steps until he knows that coming to us means fun, fun, fun. 
What I love best about this pup, is not only his super sweet demeanor, but his incredibly cute spots! His belly is pink with brown dots all over, and one eye has got a thick black lining, and the other's bright pink! He's going to wear some sun block when he goes outside, but my theory is his spots on his body will get darker as he gets older. 

Welcome to the pack, Roca! 

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