Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo update - dog walking galore! We've been busy....

Dogs have been keeping us busy - they always need to be walked, or as we prefer - action adventured!! ;) Exercising our beasts is always a fulltime gig, we don't take days off from running the pups around because a tired dog is a super happy dog, and we love coming home to pooped out pooches. Here's some of the latest photos from the action pack on the trail and in the parks, and some of the "after"shots!

Muttley! The new kid on the block - he's a neighbor of ours, and loves chasing frisbees!

Cooper! Big wiggly boy, he's a slobber factory and very happy to play!

Jeff soaks up a beautiful weekend day at Ft Funston.

Fibi! Feebsters... Feeberino... Feebinacci!!

Sandy, post-hike frogging.

Titus Maximus - full frontal mid-hike frog extraordinaire. 

Monkee- cool grass is so satisfying!

Kenai - post hike bliss :) 

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