Thursday, July 21, 2011

MacDonald trail hike

 Here's some awesome shots of the action dog pack today, we hiked at MacDonald trail off of the Parkridge Staging Area in Anthony Chabot Regional Park in the north Oakland hills. 

It's a fantastic trail for days like today - with trusty pack veterans Monkee and Kenai, and the newbs Reina & Rochit and Cosmo, we hiked a good way in since it was the last walk of the day and we didn't have any time restrictions. 

It's a good sloped trail, but nicely shaded and covered most of the way with lots of good spots to take shade breaks when it's hot out. Everyone met all the other dogs on the trail very politely; it was pretty popular with other dog walkers and they got to meet lots of waggers on their adventure.

Kenai chills

Group pose!


Rochit blowing bubbles
Rochit taunting Monkee
Cosmo so proper!

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