Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey from the hills!

Hey from Oakland! It's been a while since we've posted an update, and our dog lives have sure been busy. We've signed up a couple new clients lately and have gotten to know the now veteran pack dogs a bit better every day. Frenchies Molly & Titus have come a long ways with us, sometimes literally! Here's a great shot of Titus being himself, stop drop and frog on Curran trail in Tilden.

Frog butt.
And we said goodbye to a couple of really great packmasters this week, Chica moved away to Sacramento with her mom and we'll miss her, but hopefully get a visit now and then. Here's a shot of her lolling around on the ground with Kenai, Quinn, Diego & Asti during a quick dirt break on the Claremont fire trail in Berkeley.

What do you think this is, Relax-tion Dog!?
Shoola! We'll miss you!
Shoola made a move to bigger and better things last week too, she had a long and happy life and we'll miss her smiling face and bounding energy on our hikes, but we know she's running around doing great things on her next big adventure.

Zoe, Diego & Asti

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