Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello and happy Wednesday! I made a slideshow of some recent photos. We have some new additions to the Action Dog hiking pack - Rico, Abby and Rocky. They're all friends already and so they are getting along great with each other and showing the other dogs what fun it is to be small :)


Abby is a Japanese Chin dog, she's a rare breed in this area, and we are having a fun time with her! She's got a super sweet personality and loves playing with Asti, the little cavapoo. She's cousins with Rico, a rescued chihuahua mix, who is a little timid and shy at first but he is awesome off-leash and has great recall. And, their other related pup, Rocky - a spunky and snifferific Jack russell terrier.

Also mixed in to this recent bunch of photos, our dedicated and trusty trail pals: Kenai the Aussie, Dakota the running mutt, Amber the sweet rottie mix, Nina the hound dog, Zulu the super soft and happy shorty mutt, and Cosmo the ever-reliable Min-Pin.

Enjoy the latest photo updates from the Oakland and Berkeley hills! We have been enjoying the chill weather here in the East Bay - but we're definitely ready to take on the muddy hikes once the rain starts coming again....

Ciao for now!
Elana of Action Dog! East Bay Dog Walking Hiking

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