Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lab Tails: Limber Tail Syndrome

Even on a fun-filled weekend, tough dogs and tough people get bumps and bruises! It looks like our pal Sandy has either a sprained tail, or what is commonly called "Limber Tail Syndrome"... After a really fun and long hard two play sessions with her uncle Jeff (Drake's foster-dad) yesterday while the Action Dog humans went motorbiking (and got our fair share of bumps and bruises), today she is having a really hard time settling into a comfortable position. We pulled a little splinter out of her tail but it's still really bothering her, it's sensitive to the touch and she barely got any sleep last night. Poor girl!

Doing some web searching, I found a few articles referencing similar symptoms to those our yellow lab is certainly experiencing, here at the Lab Tails Blog the situation seems like it's the same...

Also I found an article here that talks about a lot of cold-water swimming which can bring it on from over exertion, which is probably a lot of what she got yesterday! Swimming at Pt Isabel and the Albany Bulb beach on a frosty winter morning with a lot of other dogs might just have done the trick. Hopefully she'll bounce back to life soon.... So heartbreaking to see her droopy sad Labrador face not its smiling self! A little love and rest ought to do the trick, otherwise it's off to the vet for us....

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