Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fig the mini Schnauzer

Say hello to Fig! He's a 1 year old mini Schnauzer pup. He's super sweet and totally rad on the trail. He's got excellent manners and great recall, and he knows all the tricks already! What a smarty-pup!

His mama treats him like a star, and he's very mellow and well-adjusted. This was his first day with the pack, and he did great! At first, we practiced some basic leash manners, so he got used to me. He was patient waiting his turn to run with the other dogs, but we worked on some recall and basic commands while he earned his freedom. Then, he dragged his leash behind him, and we worked on recall some more, then he showed me how good he could be, and he ran and ran and ran!

Here are some shots of him chasing Maddy and Creme around the big open clearing along the Wildcat Stream trail in Tilden park.

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